New Category #WorldRecords

We are creating a new hashtag in the posts sections called #worldrecords where we will link videos to world records from different lifts and sports.

The first in the series is World Record Deadlifts! 

Benedikt (Benni) Magnusson hitting a world record (strongman deadlift hitching, suits and straps allowed) at Europe's Strongest Man 2014 deadlift competition with 461kg using straps and a deadlift suit.

Eddie Hall after doing 400,420,430x2 (he dropped the first one) 450 and 461kg. This would of been an equal world record but he dropped it so it got disallowed, this performance and the amount of lifts above 400kg he made in one competition has people saying its the best deadlift performance ever.

In this video is the heaviest weight ever deadlifted at 524kg! but its not from a standard height, as you can see the big tyres makes the bar start higher up and with the custom bar which is super long, the bar flexes greatly so the full weight is not lifted until above the knee. still an amazing feat of strength and looks awesome!

Benni again with the official RAW word record deadlift (No suits, straps or hitching allowed) 460kg! and making it look easy!!

Finally a lesser known record from the Russian beast Konstantin Konstantinov (KK) This is the biggest deadlift ever RAW and without a belt. 426kg!