Personal Training

At Kernow Gym we offer one-one personal training/coaching and group coaching, online coaching and programming.

We are able to improve your efficency in your lifting which will mean safer, using the right muscles to get them bigger and to be able to lift more weight!

We can accommodate any experience level from people having never stepped foot in a gym and do a full induction to how to use equipment and perform the lifts correctly to elite level athlets that want to improve there performance.

We can also do sport specific coaching for powerlifting, strongman, bodybuilding, crossfit or if you are a sports player we can discuss your goals and needs in order to improve the particular sport you are planing. 

You may have many different goals, these can include

Weight Loss
Increasing Size
Increasing Muscle
Getting Stronger
Getting Faster
Looking Better
Overcoming Injury
Being fitter
Being more Athletic
and many more

Whatever your Goal Kernow Gym can help you personally achieve and succeed. 

Everyone needs professional coaching -  even professional, elite-level athletes need guidance to ensure they can achieve the very best from themselves.