Here you will find a list of all the equipment at Kernow Gym. Please click above for pictures


Competition Mono lift
Chest Press/Rear Delt fly Machine
Cable Row Machine(heavy stack)
Grip Machine

Cable Crossover
Seated Row Machine Chest Supported(Heavy Stack)
Lat Pulldown Machine (Heavy Stack)
Leg Curl Machine
Leg Extension Machine
45 Degree Back Extension Machine
Glute Ham Raise Machine
Dip/Leg Raise/Pullup Station

Plate Loadable Leg Press(load over 500kg)
Plate Loadable Seated Shoulder Press (Independent arms)

Concept 2 Rower

Free Weights:

2500+kg Olympic Weights
512kg Calibrated Competition Powerlifting Plates
300kg Bumper Plates
4x Olympic Lifting Platforms
 Band attachment Platform
3x Power Rack

Competition Bench Press
2x Adjustable Bench

Flat Bench
Dumbbell Pairs 10-60kg (2.5kg Increments)

Texas Squat Bar
Texas Deadlift Bar
Safety Squat bar
Ez Bar x 3
Swiss Bar

Olympic Bar x 7
Eleiko Power Bars x 2

Deadlift Jack x 2


Plate Loadable Super Yoke 65kg
Trap Bar/Frame Carry 45kg
Farmers Walk + Fat Grip Farmers Walk
Axle Bar + Large Axle Bar
Arm over Arm/Battle Rope
Atlas Stones 80/100/130kg
Kegs 80/100/115/130/155kg
Fingals Finger
Sledge Hammer
Car Deadlift
Tyre Flip

Circus Dumbbells 20,40,53,58,65,67,78
Small Log Press (15kg) + Big Log Press (45kg)

Deadlift Blocks x 14
Pressing Blocks 50, 80,90,100,110kg

Powerlifting/Olympic Weightlifting/Accessories

Kettlebells 4-40kg
Slam balls 3,5,10,15,20kg
Jerk Blocks Full Set
Board Press full set
Box Squat
Ab Roller
Deficit Deadlift Platform
10x Powerlifting Chains
Slingshots Full Set
Fat Grips Standard+Exteme
2x Dipping Belts
15 Bar attachments

12m Astro Turf 
Pullup Rings
Rope Climb

2x Double Tier Dumbbell Rack