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Hey Bro, How much do you bench?

Clearly not as much as world record holder Eric Spoto with a massive 327.5kg! or 51.5 stone!

But every monday national bench day of the week happens, and many lifters around the world lay down and press a bar away from themselves. If you want to improve your answer to "How much you bench" maybe its time to learn a bit more about it and how to improve it.

Enter Bret Contreras.

Bret Contreras is a blogger who also writes for T-nation and has some good information. He is renowned as "The Glute Guy" as a lot of his research and articles are written on this topic, he does stray from his specialized topic from time to time and when he does he normally writes some fairly useful information.

How To Increase Your Bench Press

Here is a great article for everything to do with bench. A good section how to bench, including the path the bar should take. Different styles of rep and sets and a small bit on assistance.

In part of the article he mentions the floor press which i personally think is a great exercise that when done right can be one of the best assistance exercises for your bench press. I have wrote an article on this that can be found here

Pure Pressing Power