Well its taken longer than thought, cost a lot more than I had budgeted, for and been a lot more work than I was expecting but with lots of help and some extremely late nights we have finished it.

I want to give a sincere Thank you to everyone that helped make my dream a reality and the people who stuck around and trusted that I would live up to my promises. Without this community of people it would never have been possible!

Huge Thanks to THE FOUNDERS

- Big RON!
- Paul 'Mong' James
- Calum 'Sled Head' Couch
- Tim 'Sparky' Jane
- Josh 'Glass Back' Champion
- Gareth 'G-unit' Dinneen
- Matt 'Fatso' Hayes
- Kevin 'Arms' Callaby
- Ratty
- Little Ryan
- Connor 'Steam train' White

Also thanks to 

- Kristan ' Langton
- Condition Kem
(Sorry if I missed out anyone)

 And another HUGE thanks to my family who have supported me and done so much that no form of words would ever do them justice, they are amazing!

- Eddie 'Hard Rock Ed' Hough
- Tina Hough

Looking forward to seeing you all training hard and making gainz! Remember only limited amount of members can sign up to the promotional offer if £21 per month for 12 months so get down before they are all gone.

Here are some pictures of the gym