2012 Natural Sothern Qualifier u105kg Report

For those that don't know me I have only competed twice in U90's up north. So this was a step up to 105's and I knew nobody. How this would change.

Tuesday I was 110.6 so I had to do the water tricks and chicken and veg diet to cut the weight. Thanks to Hixxy, Ben France and Ben Kesley that gave me advice for this.

Took 4 hours or so to drive up from Cornwall. Got a b and b at a farm in the middle of nowhere. No eating or drinking after 4pm. I couldn't sleep I got about 4 hours. Weighed in as earlier as possible. Was 104.8. Met sen and he was an awesome guy. I picked out of a hat for running order. First person to pick and I picked 1st! Nerves had kicked in so I ate as much as I could but was feeling ill.

As people turned up I started talking to people. Everyone was so friendly, and to my surprise people seemed to know about my back strength.

I Went out to the overhead shotput. Massive thanks to Darren my training partner he helped calm me down and get me in the right frame of mind. my training pb on this was 13.6 I hadn't hit it consistently either.

I wanted to get one of my throws in 13m. My first throw was 14.2 m which I was well happy with, but put me in about 4th or 5th. Second throw I hit 14.8m which I was very happy with. Put me in 3rd my final attempt was 14.25
I ended up in 3rd which I was very happy with.

Next event was the deadlift and having talked to people there was 4plus 280 pullers. and the two guys after me where 290 pullers. So I went out blazing hit 10 reps pretty quickly then got another. 3 people before me I believe had pulled 11 reps. I pulled 12 for the lead, I went to pull 13 got it above my knees but ran out of time. Trying to walk away from the deadlift I almost did a dance. I ended up joint 1st on the deadlift.

Loading event next, was all about speed. It was a short platform 4 kegs, don't know the weight but two of them where oversised. I had not trained for speed at all trained to load to a high platform. I took the lead with 31 seconds with one guy to go, john who everyone tipped to beast everything. He didn't dissapoint and beat me by 1 sec. 2nd

Next was log press 100kg. This event is not great for me. I went out with 5 as a target as Ive hit in training consistently. But after the first rep it felt really hard I wasn't balanced at all. Ben Kesley was shouting me on. Big thanks to him for the support. As was Loz which was great. Didn't get the 4th but I got 3rd place so was happy.

Next up was my week event I was 2nd by 3 points and the guy behind me ended up being paired with me. Farmers been weak in training only got 47m on a good day. I wanted to beat who I was paired with. I got 67m for a pb but some beasts got 80m I was happy with 4th on this event. Turn was at 40m.

The final event was atlas stones to 52 inch I believe. Being the shortest guy in the 105's at 5ft 10 and knowing I had only hit two at 130 in training I asked loz advice on tacky and he gave it me, but laughed at how much I put on. I paid for this after the event. I wanted to hold onto 2nd I couldn't get 1st john destroyed it all day. I saw the guy in 3rd hit 7 reps i believe and i was freaking out. I got to the stone and attacked it, got to 7 reps and everyone was shouting me on. 8th rep I got it half way and started by messing it up I stalled half way, let out a scream and could hear everyone shouting me on I monged it up and hit an 8th rep. I think I had more if I had time but was very happy. With this. Ended up 2nd on the stones.

Now I know why Loz was amused to how much tacky I put on, it took forever to get off. Thanks to sen for some baby oil.

Got it off and went to the presentation and i am not ashamed to say I was almost wanting to cry I was so happy. at the start of the day I didn't know anyone. By the end of the day I had met so many nice people. Had so many guys cheering me on.

A massive thanks to oxford sports. Mariuz and others. Craig for setting the comp. Loz for coming down and supporting the community and giving me advice most of the day. A big thanks to Ben that put up with me all day and helped me out loads aswell. Thanks to Darren Kerr for the throwing advice. Sen for the support. Met so many nice guys. If I forgot you I am very sorry my head was all over.

Finally a massive thanks to my training partner without him I wouldn't of got there he drove me up and supported me all day. When I doubted myself which was in every event he believed in me and he never doubted me at all. He has pushed me hard in training and helped me so much.